Newsletter- May 21st, 2018


Re: May 17, 2018, Studio 353, 353 W. 48th St., 2nd Fl.,NYC. “Political Incorrectness & the Jews” a speech by GEORGE ZILBERGELD, Ph.D., Political Scientist, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University, New-Brunswick, N.J.


George Zilbergeld,Ph.D., Adjunct. Prof. at Rutgers spoke to us about his experiences teaching at Montclair State University, and Arkansas College.

A Quote from Dr.George Zilbergeld’s book: “A Reader For the Politically Incorrect;” states:” Three of the main reasons a person acquires a college education are: 1.To Prepare for a career. 2. To better understand oneself, 3. And, to become a knowledgeable citizen.

However, the ideology of political correctness, practiced on College Campuses today, is based on the notion that there is no objective view of the world, even in the sciences, but only a variety of “stories” conditioned by one’s race, class and gender, leading to an educational approach, thwarting the development of the skills that are essential to accomplishing all of these goals.”

Therefore, it goes without saying that today’s College students will not find in College the skills they seek. There is no Core Curriculum. What they will find, however, is an increase in Anti-Semitic incidents.

Jewish students find Anti-Semitism coming from two sources; the Moslem students who equate Jewish- Students with Israelis, and secular – Jews (who know nothing about the history of Israel, or the current events in Gaza) but, who sympathize with the Palestinians, whom they feel are being strong-armed by the Israelis who have taken away their land.

Dr. George Zilbergeld is responsible for an idea which will be actualized this

Summer in Tivon, Israel at ORANIM College, near Haifa. It is a Course that will be held from July 29-August 18, 2018. He wants people to learn about Israel by going to Israel and seeing it for themselves.

The Course is open to Jewish and Christian Students going for their B.A. or M.A, and those who are older and do not need College -Credits but who are interested in finding out more about Israel, its History, Current events, Leadership, Israel’s Successes and Challenges, Krav Maga (Israeli Means of self-defense) cultural events, Hebrew Language instruction. You will be accommodated in the College dorms, receive health insurance; full board, Sunday-Thursday, and you will have free time for independent travel. Scholarships are also available. Link to Summer School Description

Those who are interested in taking the Course:‘THE LEADERSHIP PROJECT: STUDY AND PRACTCICE, please call me at (212-869-9477).

Rabbi Leifer, Rabbi Emeritus of Tifereth Israel Synagogue in NYC, and Pelham Parkway Synagogue spoke about Shavuoth, which will start on Saturday Night 5/19 and end on Monday, May 21, 2018; Shavuoth means weeks, and Shavuoth occurs seven full weeks after the 2nd day of Passover. Jews celebrate the giving of the Torah, and the ingathering of the first harvest. They relive the Sinai experience by hearing the reading of the ten commandments, decorate their home with flowers and eat dairy products. We recited along with him Psalm 23,and sang “Eil Molei Rahamin’ and recited “The Mourners Kaddish”.

Looking forward to the pleasure of seeing you all on Thursday, the 14th of June for ‘IAF ESTATE & FINANCIAL SEMINAR FOR SENIORS.”

Best wishes,


Re: April 19,2018 at Studio 353, 353 W. 48th Street, 2nd Fl.,NYC “Russia Vladamir Putin & the Jews” Lecture by Nicholas Arena, Esq



April 19th was an unusually cold and rainy Spring Day in April, nonetheless, we had an unusually large group of people who had come for a very interesting Lecture made by a very interesting man; Nicholas Arena.

Before his Speech, Elaine Levitt formally introduced Mark Levitt, Associate Director, of the IAF. Mark spoke briefly about AMAL (One of the nine Charities the Israel -America- Foundation supports in Israel). HISTADRUT (The founding Organization of Israel). created Amal in 1928. Amal today, owns and maintains 158 Trade-Schools, a superior network of both High -Schools and Colleges.


Mark spoke about donations to; The Lady Davis- Amal-Trade-School which is located in Tel Aviv. Amal wants to do something special for 57 Autistic Students ranging in age from, 12-16, grades 7-11(April is National Autism Awareness-month). These autistic teens function on a medium to high level. Amal wants to build two rooms; a ‘Multi-Sensory’ Room and a ‘Home-Economics’ Room. These autistic teens for whom the rooms will be built, have various degrees of sensory- deficit, and either become overstimulated or under-stimulated in a normal classroom environment. The ‘Multi-Sensory’ Room accommodates their sensory needs and provides lasting benefits for focusing in the classroom.


Autistic children struggle with the basic skills they need for their home-maintenance as well as fine-motor & sequencing-skills. In the new ‘Home- Economics’ -Room, the teens can practice household- chores such as: changing light-bulbs, washing dishes, or following a cooking- recipe in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Both rooms will be supervised by a Special-Education- Physical -Therapist, who will work with the teens. The price of both rooms is Sixty-Six Thousand ($66,000) Dollars. For those wonderful contributors a plaque with the Donor’s name will be affixed to the Wall of both rooms in English and Hebrew. If more than one person contributes; a collective Plaque will be affixed with all the Donors names. Call Mark at: (212) 869-9477.

Nicholas Arena, Esq. our main- speaker is a retired Attorney who had a Criminal- Law, and Family- Law practice and has been and still is deeply interested in Russia. He is fluent in Russian. In 1994-95’ he did mock-jury trials throughout Russia, training Lawyers and Judges. He was an advisor on Human- rights to the Kazakh Parliament. Nicholas explained to our audience that Vladamir Putin was elected by a plurality of over 70% of the Russian people, higher than any elected official in any of the important countries in the world. His interest in Syria is that Russia is land-locked and needs access to water-ways. Today, there are approximately 180,000 Jews in Russia. Nicholas Arena, Esq. in his speech compared Putin to Tzar Nicholas the 1st of Russia, emphasizing Nicholas’s Globalism, and his mandate of putting Russia First; Nicholas believes that Trump and Putin have the same idea, which would make them ideal partners in political life.


He also commented on Tsar Nicholas’ 1st idea of conscripting Jewish men in the military for 25 years, and when they returned to

their homes and families, they were patently secular and no longer devout Jews. Nicholas ended his speech by asking for question from the audience.

After Nicholas spoke, Rabbi Meyer Leifer spoke, Emeritus Rabbi of Emunath Israel Synagogue in Manhattan and Pelham Pkway Synagogue in the Bronx, he said that today, April 19 was the 53rd Anniversary of the 6-Day War.

Back in 1967, Israel was attacked by Egypt, Jordan Syria, Iran and Iraq. The world believed that Israel would be destroyed; Israel routed

the might of the Arab Armies in just 6 days; Arabs were firing down from the Temple Mount; Israel could have destroyed the Mosque, but they didn’t wish to; instead they fought hand to hand, thereby incurring most of the deaths; there were 600 casualties but as a result Jerusalem was in the hands of the Jews for the first time in 2,000 years.

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt


RE: IAF Passover’s THIRD” Seder, March 27, 2018 (12 Noon-3;00 p.m.) at ABIGAEL’S kosher RESTAURANT, 1407 Broadway, New York City.


It’ was good to be together with ‘Friends’ for a Community “Third ‘ Seder. “Third”- Seder’s; I learned long ago, were Seder’s other than the two main Seders of Passover. This year, the first and second Seder- nights are on March 30th and 31st.

Rabbi Meyer Leifer officiated on this, the 22nd ‘Third Seder’ of the Israel America Foundation! Rabbi Lefer was the Rabbi of the 23rd Street Synagogue in NYC for 43 years. Today, he is Emeritus -Rabbi there. For the last 10 years, he was Rabbi in the Pelham- Parkway Synagogue in the Bronx. He is Emeritus Rabbi there as well.

After we drank the fourth cup of grape-Juice and let Elijah in, we began the meal, we listened to the first -speaker


Rabbi Leifer’s daughter, Lori, who usually sings and played piano at our Programs was in Israel observing Passover with her sister, Nicole, her husband and their three children. In her stead, she asked that we substitute a star of the Folksbiene (Yiddish- Theatre), Zisl Slepovitch who sang and played the Key-Board with unusual verve and talent!

Bernard Gordon, Educator and Teaching-Fellow at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. then spoke, harkening back to Moses and the Exodus from Egypt on the 15th day of Nisan at twelve Midnight in the beginning.

Then, Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis, Adjunct Prof. of Psychology at Columbia University, spoke. She has co-authored books with her Late, Great Husband, a Pioneer in the field of Cognitive- Therapy; Dr. Albert Ellis.

She spoke about making one’s life positive. Debbie spoke about her parents who were survivors of the Holocaust from Poland.

They were rounded up and taken to different Concentration camps. Each thought the other was dead and miraculously they met again on a train. She was born in Australia and spoke about the positive way her parents raised her.

Elaine Levitt hearkened back to 1943, Passover in the Warsaw-Ghetto, and then the Germans attacked the Ghetto and burned it to the ground, and the Jews fought back!

She told the audience how her father took her, a child of six, in his arms and with tears in his eyes told her: “Elaine they’re killing our People!”

The remnant of the survivors of the Warsaw -Ghetto ,( crawled out of the Warsaw- Ghetto through the sewers) joined with the Polish- Resistance, and then when they were able to get out of Poland, they went to Israel. There, they founded Kibbutz Lohammei Haghetaot and later built a Museum of the Holocaust on the Premises of the Kibbutz, and the Israel America Foundation raises funds for this Museum ‘Beit Lohammei Haghetaot.’

We stood up and called out the names of 18 Concentration Camps “Never to Forget” and then we lit six candles for the 6 Million Jews that died. We finished out tasty chicken and/or fish meal and left at 3:00 p.m.


Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt



Re:  IAF PURIM PARTY at Studio 353, 353 W. 48th Street, NYC.

      February 15, 2018, 1:30-4:00 p.m. 

       Although PURIM falls on the 2018 Calendar, on Thurs. March 1st; the IAF celebrated Purim on Thurs. Feb.15th at Studio 353 with ‘Hamantashan’, bagels, the reading of the  ‘Megillah’ and a ‘PURIMSPEIEL.’ along with piano-playing and singing.  Purim is a Happy occasion!

               Jacques Ackermann, retired banker from Switzerland with an

encyclopedic memory concerning the Holocaust explained the difference between the Holocaust of the Jews in 20th Century Europe when the Jews were targeted to be wiped out, and were; to the Purim Story which was the Genocide that didn’t happen! Though the targeting was the same; the Jews were targeted to be wiped out in BCE 485- by Haman, the King’s Prime-Minister, but the Persians happened to have a Jewish Queen and her name was Esther, and because she was there and the Persian King, Ahashuerus loved her; the Jews were saved!

             Rabbi Meyer Leifer, Emeritus Rabbi of Emunath Israel and Pelham Pkwy. Synagogue read the pertinent parts of the Megillah (The story of Esther) in the Bible; and the audience lifted “Groggers” to drown out the name of “Haman!” And Lori Leifer played Piano and sang a Medley of Purim Songs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish!

And Bernard Gordon, Educator and Researcher, and Teaching-Fellow at the Holocaust- Museum in Washington, D.C.  answered the question, “Is Purim A Secular Holiday?”  Since the story of Esther is in the Bible; I am sure it is not!                                       

 The Purim Party ended with the audience playing Roles in the IAF PURIMSPIEL the “Book of Esther” Co-Authored by Elaine Levitt, Bernard Flanzraich and Rabbi Paul Levenson. 

The Audience appreciated the Purim-Spiel; which was a humorous presentation, where again the name of ‘Haman’ was drowned out by “Groggers,” (noise-makers) 

The Bagels and Hamantashan were good; and a good time was had by all.


                                                  Sincerely yours, 

                                                  Elaine Levitt



Dear Friend(s):

Re:  “AGING IN STYLE” Seminar at Studio 353, 353 W. 48th Street, NYC

         January 18, 2018, 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Wednesday’s snow melted in the City.  On Jan. 18th the streets and sidewalks were dry and it was very cold, and New York City people were tired of the cold and the snow, and Flu struck NYC.  However, we still had a good audience.

The following Speakers, however, didn’t come and didn’t call.  They were sick, and didn’t let us know until the last minute, when we had already left our offices.  They were: (1) Flushing House, Marketing Manager, Michael Sutcliffe (2) Bronxwood Home for the Aged, Diana Velez, Director of Marketing (3) Haym Solomon Nursing Home and Rehab, Rabbi Chaim B. Wechsler, Chaplain.  We will be including names and addresses for those who spoke, and those who couldn’t be there.


The Program opened with Elaine Levitt, President of the IAF, talking about

The article in today’s New York Times, Page A 7, about Britain tackling loneliness by Ceyland Yeginsu ;  “Government Research had found that

200,000 older people in Britain had not had a conversation with a friend or relative in more than a month.” & Dr. Vivek Murthy wrote in the Harvard Business Review that” Loneliness could be associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression and anxiety.”


Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis, Adjunct Prof. of Psychology at Columbia, and Advocate of R.E.B.T. a variation of Cognitive-Therapy created by her Late, great Husband, Dr. Albert Ellis,    and said that loneliness was not the same as ‘aloneness.’   A person can be alone and enjoy aloneness. People can have hobbies, or studies and be happy alone. However, if one becomes depressed, or anxious, the best thing according to Dr. Ellis is to leave one’s home, and walk, or do some other kind of exercise or join a club or society with like-minded people. People are social animals, you know.


         Debbie spoke about the Jewish Holiday of Tu bi Shevat (The New Year for Trees) celebrated in Winter on January 31, 2018.  Although the trees are bare and snow is on the ground, the roots of the tree live.  She likened man to a Tree. Elaine had explained previously that the IAF planted trees in Honor and in Memory of People for $50 which are mapped, and have a Collective Plaque affixed  in the Palmach Grove in Kibbutz Ginossar in Tiberius,  Kibbutz Ginossar has on its land the largest Hotel of the Kibbutz Movement, and fronts the Biblical Lake Kinneret.

Age has its rewards, proverbially, “Wisdom,” Debbie continued:

“That doesn’t mean all old people are wise, but that is the upside of age.

Age brings painful and disabling, physical and mental health conditions which can be minimized if we choose not to upset ourselves over things we can’t change.”  Debbie with her upbeat R.E.B.T. Psychology made us all feel better!

Elaine spoke about another important Day in January; Holocaust Remembrance Day, observed on January 26th.  Germany targeted 6 Million Jews and had them killed. (By Killing 6,000,000, people, their children and children’s children, etc. until the end of time also died out).

Elaine introduced Rabbi Leifer, Emeritus Rabbi of Emunath Israel in NYC  & Pelham Parkway Synagogue and his daughter, Lori Leifer who played Piano and sang happy Songs of Tu Bi shevat.  Rabbi Leifer brought fruit of the vine, dried figs, raisins.

Rabbi Leifer thought this was the auspicious time to mention the  contributors and Members of the family of staff of the I.A.F.

who died in this last year, and so we said Psalm 23, Kaddish and Ayl Molay

Rachameeem for  Herbert Bravin,   Helen Oken, Susan Flanzraich, Harold

Mechlen, Esq. and David Swayne.


                     Anthony Caratozzolo, Licensed Funeral Director and Certified Pre-

Planning Counselor of Plaza Memorial Chapels talked about pre-planning.


Anthony explained that if one pays in the present(Pre-Needs) for a future time to Plaza, the money is not held by Plaza (Any business can go broke.)  but placed in trust for the future, and your funeral payment is only what your funeral would cost today, not after the proverbial 120 years, and this money would be out of your estate.  Anthony also stated that Plaza, is a Not for Profit Organization, & was able to charge some $3,000 less for a funeral than for -Profit Funeral Parlors.

Elaine Levitt spoke about “My Mighty Right Hand” Course this summer that the Israel America Foundation conceived, and will teach at ORANIM, near Haifa, (the largest Teaching-College in Northern Israel) subsidizing a 3-American Credits Course this summer (July 29-Aug. 18) called “LEADERSHIP” to combat anti-Semitism in the Campuses of the U.S.  (The Course teaches Krav Maga, Emergency Medical training, Language Instruction, history, current- events, Touring -significant sites, etc., & includes full- board from Sunday through Thursday.) For further information call: (212) 869-9477.

Menorah Nursing Home in Brooklyn sent Dannick Boutin, from Rehab.  & Thomas Ryan, Community Liaison- to talk about their “Sub-Acute”  or Rehab Unit.  They want people to view the Facilities of Menorah Nursing -Home as an

alternative to the Nursing Homes in Manhattan.  Physical- Therapy is the chief commodity here- very important after hospitalization.


Rabbi Rachmiel Rothenberger, spoke.  He is Jewish Community Liaison to CALVARY Hospice and Hospital in the Bronx.  HOSPICE is a program under the auspices of MEDICARE providing a person whom doctors characterize as having “only 6 months to live” special dispensation either in a hospital or at home. A- Home -Health- Care Aide can come to your home, or apartment at least 3 X a week for 4 hours. Additionally, doctors, and nurses can come to the house. Volunteers can help cutting hair, and reading or singing.  If you have been told by your Primary- physician that you will not recover from your ailment call Rabbi Rothenberger.


Sincerely yours,


Elaine Levitt


Elaine Levitt-IAF (212) 869-9477

Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis c/o IAF

Rabbi Meyer Leifer c/o IAF

Dannick Boutin & Thomas Ryan: Menorah Nursing Home (718-851-5960

Anthony Caratozzolo, plaza Jewish Community Chapel, (212) 769-4400

Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger, Calvalry Hospital and Hospice (718) 518-2193

Did not come but were scheduled


BRONXWOOD Home for the Aged, Diana Velez (718) 881-9200 (Assisted-Living)

HAYM SALOMON Nursing -Home, Rabbi Chaim Wechsler (718) 873-1700

Flushing -House (Independent-Living) Michael Sutcliffe (347-532-3000

Sent Information, couldn’t come

Long Island Living Center, Marni Seletsky (718-327-2700






Dear Friend(s)

Re: Israel America Foundation (IAF) Seminar: The Miracle of the Lights; The Story of Chanukah, Studio 353, 353 West 48th Street, Dec. 14,2017, 1:30-4:00 p.m.


It was cold and snow was on the ground. Forty people phoned and wrote-in, that they would be at the Seminar, but, we knew by the weather that we would have a fall-off in attendance. We left the IAF offices early, for Studio 353, and tried to leave a message behind as to where we were going, and were thwarted by the complicated phone system. Next time, right!

Elaine Levitt, President, of the I.A. F. greeted the audience and began the Chanukah-Program. She told the Audience that Chanukah was the story of the heroic victory of the Maccabees against the Syrian Greeks & the Miracle of the Lights that burned eight days, instead of one day!

Elaine explained the I.A.F’s Chanukah Gift Trust that lasts for 20- years. The only miracle here is that the IAF funds (after 37 years) this charitable- Trust with a minimum contribution of $2,000 paying-out 7.5% income for 20 years @ $150 a year (yielding $3,000 in 20 years) which allows grandparents “To remember their children and grandchildren and be remembered by them.” It’s the “Gift that keeps in giving the Chanukah- Gift Trust!

Elaine focused on ORANIM: the IAF is subsidizing at the International School of ORANIM- Israel’s best Teaching-College, in the Summer of 2018, a two Courses for College – credit, that the IAF hopes will educate Jewish and Christian students going for their Bachelors and Masters Degrees, to learn more about their own heritage. If you are interested in contributing or having your grandchildren attend:


Bernard Gordon, Educator & Director of Mittleshul in NY, & Teaching-Fellow at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. explained Chanukah from a historical prospective. Bernard told us that Alexander’s vast empire was divided among four leading generals in 313 B.C.E. when he died young of Venereal Disease. When, Antiochus Epiphanes came to the throne of the Hellenistic- Syrian-Greek Empire. He, compelled every nation under his rule to worship his gods and forced them to give up their own observances. Antiochus commanded that the Hebrew -Temple be desecrated and converted into a pagan temple. He stopped the Jews from observance of their Sabbath- Festivals and Rosh-Chodesh, their dietary laws, the covenant of Circumcision; the laws of family purity & the use of G-d’s name. All copies of the Torah and the holy writings were burned. Anyone found in possession of these Holy books would be executed; admitting that they were Jewish carried a death-penalty. Paganism was spreading rapidly through the land, even overtaking the humble Jews of Modin (a village of Judah). All followed Antiochus, except Mattathias, the Hasmonian,an aged man of a priestly Jewish family, who lashed out at his oppressor. Mattyahu published a Proclamation: “Whoever is zealous for the Torah and is steadfast in the Covenant, let him follow me!” Mattisyahu and his five sons left their possessions in Modin and fled to the mountains of the Judean desert. Many other loyal Jews joined them, living in mountain-caves where they were able to practice the Torah’s precepts.


Matisyahu and his sons and the loyal Jews gathered under their banner exhorted Jews to resist the Syrian-Greeks by force & struck back against the Syrians. The revolt had begun. Mattisyah died in 166 BCE. He did not live to see the result of the events he set into motion. Before his death he gathered his five sons, Shimon, Yehudah the Maccabee, Elazar, Yochanan and Yonassan and urged them to be steadfast and continue the struggle against the Syrians.

One Day, Yehudah, the Maccabee saw that the Syrians had been routed, and said to his brothers: “Let us go up to the Temple, cleanse and rededicate it. “The Menorah was gone from the temple.They could not find oil required for lighting the menorah. They did find a flask containing oil for one night’s lighting, oil that had been sealed

with the Kohen Gadol’s seal. Unusual for the Kohen Gadol to be involved with oil or a sealed flask. Miraculously the oil burned not for the one day, but eight days, that it took to prepare and bring fresh, uncontaminated oil, fit for the Temple Menorah; this Miracle would be forever celebrated with an eight -day Chanukah Festival!

Rabbi Meyer Leifer, Emeritus Rabbi at Emunath- Israel and Pelham- Parkway Synagogue, and retired Chaplain of Morningside Nursing -Home in the Bronx, lit the first candle on the Menorah, the third day of Chanukah.

Rabbi Leifer explained that the Chanukah -Holiday was celebrated in the absence of a military or diplomatic victory; that came later. Mattisyahu and his sons Yehudah and his brother risked their lives for spiritual freedom, the purity of the temple and the integrity of its service, and not for freedom from Bondage. The sages and the people understood that. Each night of the Holiday, there is a different reason for celebrating; the 1st night is to rededicate oneself to working for equal rights, democracy and freedom. The 2nd night is to pray for personal increased kindness and thoughtfulness; the third night, to rededicate oneself to the study of Torah; the 4th night to let lives be strengthened by the highest hopes & visions of our faith, the 5th night, to making peace a living ideal, and to insure peace in the world, the 6th night, to put aside gifts for charity and bring an end to oppression, the 7th night, to pray that the gifts one offers provides food enough for the hungry, healing for the sick, and knowledge to humankind, and on the 8the night we pray that we fulfill all the ideals of freedom, charity, family, study, hope, peace and Brotherhood, all symbolized by the 8 lights of the menorah.

Lori Leifer, daughter of Rabbi Meyer Leifer began her program of Chanukah music, with her inimitable singing done to her accompaniment of Piano-Music. The audience sang along, and even danced in the aisles. Our Chanukah Party was a success!


Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt


Dear Friend(s):

Re: IAF Estate & Financial-Planning Seminar for Seniors

November 16, 2017 from 1:30-4:00 Studio 353,

353 West 48th Street, NYC. (2nd Fl.)


Nov. 16, 2017 began with rain, but stopped in time for the Seminar. ’The complimentary- food arrived early at ‘The Studio’, but missing were the paper- plates, plastic- knives & Paper- Cups, so we started the Program but had to stop for 20 minutes for the audience to get the food when the plates, cups and knives came.

Starting now, when the staff leaves our offices on route to the ‘Studio’, we will leave a’ voice-message’ on our ‘Answering Machine of our whereabouts, so ‘callers’ will know where we are.

Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis, Psychologist, R.E.B.T. Therapist, Adjunct Prof. at Columbia and widow of the famous Psychoanalyst, Albert Ellis, Ph.D. began the Program. She spoke about aging, sickness and death as a positive concomitant of older-age, and if it incapacitates, has to be endured in a stoical manner. Today, Fifteen Percent of Centenarians are fairly healthy, although 50% of those older than 85 have Alzheimers-Disease.

Jacques Ackerman, asked us to take Time-Out and think about Kristallnacht, the 70th Anniversary of which occurred on November 9th. It was the tragic beginning of what led to the ‘Final -Solution’ of the Jews for the German Government in 1938, and the beginning of the Holocaust! Mr. Ackerman is a retired Banker from Switzerland of Germanic Parentage; who is deeply committed to the United State, the Jewish People and Israel! The IAF audience was mesmerized as he talked.

Elaine Levitt, President of the Israel America Foundation sounded a wake-up call. Elaine said that worldwide, people in 2017 live longer than ever before. That was great news. However, as they enter their 80’s and 90’s, depending on many factors; these same people need more funds than they have saved. It would be realistic for us, in the audience and at home, to try now to invest as much as we can under professional guidance, while we are able for a future time.


Rabbi Mordecai Katz, the Jewish- Chaplain for the last 17 years at NYU Langone Hospital Center spoke next. He is a very compassionate man. Rabbi Katz welcomes calls. If you need help, he wants to help!


Leah Hershko spoke next. She is Co-Ordinator for ‘Pella-Care’, a Certified Home Health Care Agency in Brooklyn. People who use a Certified Agency to take care of seniors can deduct payments to Aides from their income-tax. The cost for an Aide is $20 an hour from Monday-Friday (5 days a week) from 8:00 A.M-6:00 p.m.) = $1,000 a week- or $52,000 a year. Leah said that Home Health Care Aides, ‘Round the Clock’ for 5 days was $1300 per week, $5,200 a month, 12 months = ($62,400) Another Aide would handle weekends, Saturday and Sunday; If ‘Round-The Clock’, it would be an additional $23,032. For a total of $85,432+ Plus rent,+ electric+ telephone. That’s much, much more, than a healthy-retiree, living alone!

Michael Sutcliff. Marketing Director of ‘Flushing House’ a non-profit, Independent-Living Residence in Flushing, NY, explained all of the various attractions, of Flushing House; and how much a Furnished -Studio costs per month for a single person. Flushing House supplies 3 meals a day in a beautiful Dining-Room; they also have a Clinic, and daily activities. If you go on to deplete your assets, Flushing-House, would see that you remain, even if you couldn’t pay the going- rate! You can arrange with Michael to go there and see the place. Just telephone Michael Sutcliff.

Michael Martin, Director of Business Development of Village- Care,

Explained their ‘Assisted-Living’ Facility in New York. If you are on Medicaid and you don’t want to remain at home; this is the place for you.


Rabbi Rachmeil Rothberger, Jewish Community Liaison of Calvary Hospital talked about Hospice in the home, and/or hospital. Hospice is a Medicare Program. Calvary Home & Hospital is in the Bronx, but Calvary has beds in all the Boroughs. Rabbi Rothberger can tell you all about Calvary in all the Boroughs. Just call him!


John Levitt, Esq. Head of the Pegasus Group of AXA Advisors spoke to us, John is an Attorney and Financial Planner. He said that he uses both hats to determine in which category your investments should be. He needs a complimentary initial visit to determine how you can invest your assets. He couldn’t stake out the investments everyone in the audience should invest in; he had to know your means, and your ability to take risks. He can help you with every type of investment. Please set up such a visit. He has offices in Syosset, L.I. and can also meet you in AXA Headquarters in Manhattan. Please call him.

Alan Scott, an Estate- Attorney in private practice. Alan can help you set up your Health- Care Proxy and Living Will, your Last Will and Testament, and ‘Trusts for Disability.” Please call him and arrange for a meeting.


And Lastly, we heard from Anthony Caratozzola, a Certified Pre-Planning Counselor at ‘Plaza Memorial’. ‘Plaza- Memorial’ is a Non- Profit Jewish Funeral Parlor in NYC. Anthony spoke about funeral arrangements on a pre-need basis, he said, even if a person has a Will; and thinks to leave burial and the purchase of cemetery plots for their executors to deal with; it is important to take another look and attend to it yourself. It will be less expensive if you do it, and you’ll know it will be just the way you want it done. Please call Anthony to find out more.

I hope you had a very happy, healthy Thanksgiving!


Dear Friend(s)

Re: ‘ISRAEL AMERICA FOUNDATION’S’ Alternative – Medicine’ -PAIN CLINIC- at Studio 353, 353 West 48th Street, NY., October 19, 2017 from 1:30-4:00 p.m.


The New -Year Holidays of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot were over. New Year dawned at a terrible cost to myself! I lost my Sister; Susan Etta Flanzraich two days before Yom Kippur. She died of the Diabetes she lived with for half her lifetime. & Then, the Morning of Yom Kippur itself, I accompanied my Husband, Rabbi Paul Levenson into the ambulance to the NYU Langone Emergency at 30th and 1st in Manhattan at 6:30 A.M. for a septic condition resulting from an Ebola Infection. He almost lost his life! And later, I found that I had walking-Pneumonia from working, & going to the hospital, daily.

And then on Thursday, the 19th of Oct., finished with the Pneumonia I hosted our’ Israel America Foundation’ -Alternative Medicine Seminar- with a series of ‘unusual ’ disciplines which when understood seemed actually welcoming since chronic medical conditions for older people, especially pain, is tackled successfully by disciplines that seem startlingly different at the outset from medicine as we know it. However, when you listen to the Practitioners, and see them demonstrate, you realize that ‘different’ may be a more apt description than ‘unusual.’

Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis, Adjunct Professor at Columbia, speaking about RATIONAL- EMOTIVE- BEHAVIORIAL- THERAPY, (REBT) one of the Cognitive Therapies, established by the Pioneer of Cognitive therapy, Debbie’s late husband, Dr. Albert Ellis. She spoke about his last. bout of illness, in a nursing-home, still giving lectures.

Debbie said that although he was in the throes of his last illness, he felt better when focused on an audience. He forgot his own pain & used his own ‘Therapy’ to positively help himself!

Leah Desanto, Certified Reiki Master, used her healing hands to demonstrate the Japanese technique for stress- reduction & relaxation. If one’s life force is low, one is more apt to get sick or feel stress. Reiki is actually ‘spiritually- guided’ life- force energy!

Anton Baraschi, Bio-Energy Specialist demonstrated next. Anton was able to show us how he acted as a facilitator or conduit for the person who he is working on (a woman who three years ago had a Hip-Replacement that was hurting). He redirected that person’s energy to that part of the body that needed it so that the body could heal itself with the proper functioning of the immune system.

Susan Seet, Licensed Acupuncturist. She spoke about medical Insurance covering her discipline. She uses needles, harnessing pathways of energy flowing through the body of the patient. Health problems resulted when qi (CHEE) was interrupted. There are 2000 acupuncture points that access the meridians of Qi. Acupuncture affects the body’s nervous system encouraging the release of chemicals that act as natural painkillers.

Amber Grumet, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. The Feldenkrais- method was formulated by an Israeli Physicist who was in a terrible car-accident and was able by discipline to heal himself by becoming more aware of his posture and movement patterns, re-educating, his neuromuscular system. Ms. Grumet conducted exercises with the audience developing patterns to compensate for pain or injury.

Sylvia Chappell, Certified Akashic Records Guide. Sylvia spoke about past life regression or going back to a past life; when pain or ill-health strikes in the present. She uses hypnotism to recover memories of past lives. You can change your past life experience, transforming negative patterns of self-condemnation, through love, forgiveness and grace.

Laura Goldstein, Shiatsu/Acupressure-acupressure inhibits pain signals sent to the brain. Besides relieving pain, acupressure rebalances the body by dissolving tensions and stresses functioning smoothly and inhibit the immune system.

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt


Dear Friend(s):

Re: “Days of AWE and the HARVEST HOLIDAYS” 5778


September 14, 2017 from 1:30-4:00 p.m. at Studio 353

Elaine Levitt opened the High- Holiday Program at 1:30 P.M. The food was late in arriving from ‘Ess a Bagel.’ When it did come everybody that was there surrounded the table of food. It looked like a ‘Swarm of invaders!

Our holiday program gave our ‘Friends’ a taste of what would come in the next three weeks; The old year’s end is froth with meaning; the analysis, and the apologies and penitence to man and G-d for one’s sins of “Omission” and “Commission”.

Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis, Adjunct professor at Columbia in R.E.B.T. (Rational-Emotive- Behavioral- Therapy) spoke about the Holidays and the spiritual-cleansing at this time of year, and taking stock of one’s life at year’s end.

Elaine Levitt, President of the Israel America Foundation, spoke concerning the new enterprise of the Israel America Foundation: “My Mighty Right Hand” -in Partnership with ORANIM( the Teaching -College in Israel that I.A.F. is proud to support) will endeavor to give American -Students, both Christian and Jewish a ‘strong- synergy’ ‘Rub-In’ by ‘introducing them on their ‘Summer-Break’ to the ‘real’ Israel! They will relate to three types of Israelis who will be their class-mates: during the ‘Summer-Break” Israeli students: Muslim, Christian and Jewish. The American College students (both Christian and Jewish, joining us, will be: (1) Taking two ‘For- Credit’ Courses in less than three weeks (2) Going on short, sight-seeing- trips (3) Meeting “‘Distinguished- Israeli- Guests, and (4) Forming a loyal cadre to fight Anti-Semitism on American Campuses! **If You Want to Help Subsidize this important Tzaduka on the eve of the New Year, call: #212 869-9477.

Lori Leifer, daughter of Rabbi Meyer Leifer, sang and played Piano – music, suitable for the occasion: “ Hallelujah”, “Hevenu Shalom Alechem,” “Oseh Shalom” “Uva-U Ha-Ovdim”, etc

Rabbi Meyer Leifer spoke about the mysticism of the Shofar. The Shofar, or Ram’s -Horn, which is sounded (or blown) every week-day morning at the conclusion of the Services during the month of Elul (September) preparatory to the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Holidays. The Shofar is blown to stir us from our forgetfulness and awaken us to our duties to G-d, and to our fellow- men, and women thus enabling us to ask for G-d’s blessings.

Bernard Gordon, Educator and Secular Jew spoke about the humanistic background of the Holidays and the amount of days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the Harvest- Holiday of Sukkot.

Rabbi Paul Levenson sang Holiday Songs, Lyrics, by Paul Levenson and Rabbi Paul also played Guitar and spoke about the meaning of Judaism and wished those gathered, health, wealth and happiness in the New Year.

Yom Kippur (Sept. 30) -Day of Atonement-is spent in meditation, prayer and penitence. It begins on sundown of the 9th of Tishri to the evening of the 10th day of Tishri. The fast is begun with the traditional prayer “Kol Nidre” seeking absolution for the broken promises of the past and ends with the “Neilah” and the sounding of the Shofar.

The Succoth Festival (Oct. 5, 6 This Festival gets its name from the Hebrew word- “Succah”—Tabernacle, and commemorates the fact that the Israelites dwelled in temporary homes during their long journey in the wilderness after being liberated from their slavery in Egypt.

Shemini Atzereth: Eight days of Solemn Assembly. (Oct. 12) Yizkor Memorial prayers are recited on this day and Simchath Torah-(Oct. 13) The rejoicing of the law. This day celebrates the conclusion of the annual cycle of the weekly reading of the portions of the Torah. The Torah (at this time) is carried around in solemn procession at least seven times in the aisles of the Synagogue.

I wish you and yours from myself and the ‘Israel-America Foundation,” a happy and healthy new Year! L’SHANA TOVA!!

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt



Dear Friends:

Re: Israel America Foundation’s Estate & Financial -Planning Workshop:

A WILL IS NOT ENOUGH!” Workshop occurred on Thurs., August 17,

2017 at Studio 353, 353 W. 48th St. NYC (between 8th & 9th Avenues).

Neuron Energy

Elaine Levitt, President of the Israel America Foundation introduced the topic of The IAF’s Estate & Financial Planning Session, “A Will is not Enough” by explaining the meaning of legal Instruments including ‘Last Will and Testament, ‘Living- Will with Health- Care- Proxy,’ Disability -Trust’. ‘Long-Term -Health Care- Insurance’, ‘Probate’. ‘Executorship’,’ Trusteeship,’ Special -Needs’ Trust’, ‘‘Charitable -Remainder – Annuity-Trust.’ *Attached to this letter are some of the meanings given for the aforementioned Legal- Instruments. This Workshop was for Seniors, and the important thing to learn at the workshop is how to keep enough funds saved, so that after a fruitful lifetime of work, a married man and woman, or a single man and woman can remain with enough funds to pay their debts, keep enough for burial, and enough to leave something to children., spouse, or Charity. If you wish to speak to Elaine Levitt to set up a complimentary meeting call: (212) 869-9477.

Elaine then introduced Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis. Adjunct Professor at Columbia University of R.E.B.T. (Rational- Emotive -Behavioral -Therapy) part of the spectrum of Cognitive Therapies as conceived by Albert Ellis, Ph.D., the brilliant Psychoanalyst that was her Late husband. Dr. Ellis spoke about

‘Gratitude,’ in good times and bad; the ability to see kindness, and the ability to return kindness, and a willingness to emphasize the importance and benefit of practicing unconditional acceptance of self, others and life itself despite__ and especially including—times of difficulty and challenge’; the time of aging, disability and death.-

John Levitt, Esq. Lawyer and Financial -Planner, heads up Pegasus, a Group for AXA ADVISORS, a French Financial House which is one of the largest in the world. AXA Advisors tries to help their clients invest wisely within the perimeter of the Client’s willingness to venture. According to John Levitt, Esq. our Speaker; there are investments that do not need a middle-man to take a percentage of the profit, but most people are not skilled investors, and they need a competent, Financial Advisor to work with them. John also spoke about “Long-Term Health Care Insurance’ Policies as well as’ Life-Insurance’ Policies. You may be interested in a Complimentary advisory session, please call: 631-385-5215.

Alan Scott, Esq., a Single Practitioner Estate Attorney spoke about

‘Living Wills & Health Care proxies’. ‘Power of Attorney’s’, and ‘Disability -Trusts, ‘Probate’, and the writing of one’s ‘Last Will and Testament’. You may want to know what would be the best vehicle for you to put your funds in: an irrevocable Trust or creation of a’ Living‘’-Disability -Trust’ for some future time. You may want to set up a complimentary Session by calling Alan Scott, Esq. at 212 599-6260.

And finally, representing Calvary Hospital and Hospice, we met

Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger who is the Jewish Community Liaison of Calvary Hospital. Calvary Hospice and Hospital is in the Bronx, but if you are apprised by your physician that you may only have 6 months to live, and you live in the Bronx (where Calvary is located) or Manhattan or Queens (where certain Hospital beds are maintained in Hospitals or Nursing- Homes) or you want Home-Hospice in your own Home (in any of the Boroughs) you may want to contact Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger (718) 518-2193 to speak to him.

This Estate -Planning Seminar was very informative.

Look at the appended sheet for the meanings of some legal instruments.

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt


Re “Jews In Colonial America Workshop: 

On July 20, 2017 from 1:30-4:00 P.M. the Israel America Foundation, Inc. at 108 W. 39th Street, 10th Fl., Suite 1001


Elaine Levitt introduced” Jews in Colonial America” Seminar.

On July 4, 2017, we celebrated the Anniversary of the American Colonies independence from England in the year 1776. Can it be, that it wa only 241 years ago, that the 13 American Colonies achieved their independence?

Most of the early American Colonists were Puritans. They ran away from Europe for religious freedom, and they felt like the Jews in biblical times who ran away from slavery in Egypt. However, The Jews in America in Colonial times, was still running away; this time from their temporary homes in Europe. They were banned from Jerusalem and looking for another homeland, maybe, in the new world….Maybe in America?

‘The Israel America Foundation’, helping the Jewish- College student standing tall against the harassing Muslim student have paired with ORANIM, the largest and

and best teaching College in Tivon, Israel (Near Haifa.) Oranim has established two For- Credit Courses to be taught in Israel next summer. The Students will eat and sleep with the Israeli students: Jewish, Christian and Moslem and learn and establish a bond. Leadership, History, Values, Ethics, ‘Krav Maga’ (Israeli Combat system) In 2 For- Credit-Courses next Summer. Those two are interested call: ( 212) 869- 9477 .

Rabbi Meyer Leifer, Emeritus Rabbi of Emunath Israel Synagogue, NYC, and

Chaplain, of Morningside Nursing Home, introduced by Elaine Levitt, and spoke about Tisha B’Av (the 9th of AV) on August 1st; which was the Anniversary date of the destruction of the two Temples in Jerusalem, the 1st, burned by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia in the year 586 B.C, and the 2nd, fifty years later, in 516 and the 3rd Temple referred to as the Temple of Herod the great, was destroyed by the Roman Legions in the year 70 AD. Jews were banished from Jerusalem and this started the DIASPORA. Jews remember this date with mourning and fasting. It is the saddest date in the Jewish Calendar.

Lori Leifer, Rabbi Leifer’s daughter sang mournful songs in a low-voice playing softly on the keyboard.

The first Jews came to the United States with Christopher Columbus in 1492 s the same date that Spain expelled its Jews. In 1654, 23 Jews set sail from Recife Brazil after the Dutch were defeated and by misadventure came to New Amsterdam (New York). Peter Stuyvesant , the Governor, didn’t want the Jews to remain because they would be in mercantile competition with those living in the colony, but the Dutch -West- India- Company formally ruled the Colony which had Jewish share-holders so The Dutch- West- India- Company invited the Jews to stay as long as they paid their debts,and buried their own, and lived together.In 1776 2,000 Jew lived in the American Colonies. What became of them? The Colonial- Jew disappeared. This makes us sad reading this, but in early America, here wasn’t much chance to keep Kosher, or for Jewish men or women to find a Jewish mate. Jews are disappearing today too. Many young people are turning their backs on 3000 years of religion and tradition. Those young People grew up without it. Jewish -adherents in Spain at the time of the Inquisition and in Europe at the time of the Holocaust paid with their lives rather than disavow their faith. However, in capitalistic America, many Jewish households are too busy to learn about their own faith.

Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis, Adjunct Prof. at Columbia University teaching ‘Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (R.E.B.T) known in Psychological parlance as one of the Cognitive- Therapies. Dr. Ellis’s Late Husband, Dr. Albert Ellis, was the Founder and acknowledged leader of this influential Psychological School. Debbie’s parents were survivors of the Holocaust from Poland. She was born in Australia where her parents moved. She spoke about the attitude of her parents who had been imprisoned in the Concentration Camps in Poland until the liberation. Instead of hating those who were the instruments of their torture, her parents returned goodness wherever it came from. It was this attitude that freed them from vendettas & hate, and allowed them to be happy, and this was the teaching of Dr. Ellis, her late husband’’s reality was the view one takes of things.

Rabbi Paul Levenson , Emeritus Rabbi, Kansas City & Boston and Trustee of the

L’Chaim Fund gave a program of songs that were popular in Colonial times among the Colonial Soldiers. There were 100 Jews in the Colonial Army and Rabbi Levenson sang army songs- written and, sung by the Revolutionists and Loyalists; and the wonder of it all was that the American- Colonists with a small ‘rag-tag’ army, pitted against the might of the British won the Revolutionary- War!.

Mr. Bernard Gordon. Educator, Teaching -Fellow, Holocaust Museum , Washington, D.C. spoke about Hayim Solomon, a Jewish Broker and Polish- expatriate who was able to finance the last days of the war single-handed allowing George Washington to lead the Revolutionary- Army to Victory &

dying a pauper at 45 years of age because the Revolutionary Government never paid him back.





WORKSHOP”: June 22, 2017 STUDIO 353, 353 W.48th St.,NYC


It was a hot June Day, and we had a very big program in store.

Our lovely Secretary, Laura Goldstein, was out for a month for hip replacement surgery, and Elaine Levitt

Cataract Laser procedure the preceding week, but

Like the Postman, we continue our monthly seminars!!

It was our Plan to show the various kinds of living-arrangement, including home and apartment living for Senior Citizens in the immediate area.

Independent-Living Representatives: Michael Sutclifffe, Marketing Director, from Flushing-House in Queens and from Brookdale/Battery Park Senior- Living -Residence came Phoebe, a replacement for Nancy Campagne, Director of Marketing and Sales, from Manhattan, Michael stated that after 5 years living at Flushing House, if

a person no longer had the full amount of the maintenance, the administration would pay the difference. Brookdale, was more expensive than Flushing House; however, those people who could afford the private pay would be getting beautiful housing, Gourmet meals, and security.

Next came two Assisted-Living Homes: Harbor View Home For Adults, with Joseph Adler, Director of Sales, and Village- Care that sent Rosa

Ortega, Admissions Director. Harbor View in Brooklyn was able to go from Independent -Living to Nursing Home care in Brooklyn. and Village -Care which is assisted-Living and Rehabilitation ( in two separate buildings) in Manhattan.

Next, we had two Nursing-Homes presenting: the Hayim Solomon Home for the Aged in Brooklyn with Rabbi Chaim Weschler, Chaplain, and the King David Center for Nursing and Rehab (formerly the Sephardic Home) with Miriam Shenker, LNHA, CDP, Administrator.

PELLA CARE, A Registered Employment Agency for Home Health Care Aides, sent Leah Hersko, Director of Intake, who told of the specialized training the Aides were given as well as evidence to scan for finger-prints, to note any criminal records that the Aides have accumulated, which is crucial for hiring an Aide that one can Trust.

Next came a Representative from RIVERS0IDE, the major Jewish Funeral Parlor which sent Anna Marie Colleti, a licensed Funeral -Director. Anna Marie spoke about Pre-Needs arrangements, Cemetery Plots, and Funerals as well as Above-Ground crypts, as well as the fact that it is cheaper to buy Cemetery plots prior to the individual’s death.

And finally, we heard from Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger who is the Jewish Community Liaison for Calvary Hospital and Hospice, who spoke about Home- Hospice as well as Hospice-beds in Hospitals and/or Assisted-Living and Independent -Living Establishments. Hospice is a Medicare Program.

Long-Term Health- Care- Insurance is a good thing to purchase, but it has to be purchased before reaching the age of 85, after which, unless one is a millionaire, there is no point to paying such high monthly fees.

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt



Re: Israel America Foundation’s (I.A.F.) ALTERNATE MEDICINE WORKSHOP on May 18, 2017 which took place at Studio 353, 353 West 48th Street, NYC from 1:30-400 p.m.

The day dawned in a sultry, record- breaking heat spell; temperatures over 90, and in Times- Square a car with a crazy driver rammed into a crowd killing 1 woman and injuring 22 others, and the traffic was held up for hours, and cut down our attendance and delayed all of us, but the (I.A..F’s) Alternative Medicine Workshop went on as usual minus a Hypnotist.

Elaine Levitt introduced BROOKE LIEB, Certified Alexander Technique Practitioner, AMBER GRUMENT, Feldenkrais, Guild Certified Practitioner, DR CHRISTOPHER TRAHANN, Certified Acupuncturist, VIRGINIA BELL, Astrologer and author, PETER GOLDBECK, Certified Reiki Master. Additionally, Laura Goldstein, I.A.F.’s secretary, a Homeopathic Practitioner for the last 30 years spoke about her interesting experiences with Homeopathy. (Enclosed please find Telephone #s and certification of the Alternative Practitioners speaking on 5.18.17.)

People visit alternative medical practitioners today more frequently than they see their own physicians. People may still have pain from diagnosed medical is important, even dangerous, to depend on pain-killers. We all know about the ‘Opioid -Epidemic!’ That being understood. It is of the utmost importance to know about the licensure, training and experience of the practitioner you choose to go to.

Find out how much it will cost. And if your insurance covers it. Remember,“Any one thing does not work for everybody.” Alternative Medicine Disciplines have been around so long it must mean that there has be something to them!

Elaine Levitt gave a reminder of the Holiday of Shavuot which takes place Seven weeks after the 2nd day of Passover. SHAVUOT begins on Tuesday Evening May 30th at 8:00 p.m. and continues to Thursday Morning June 1st ‘Yizkor. Dairy Meals are traditionally eaten at Shavuot.

“My Mighty Right Hand” Courses will begin at ORANIM College (at the International School in English) in Tivon,Israel for credit at the ‘Winter-Break’. For information call: (212) 869-9477

On June 22, I.A.F will give a Workshop, ‘CARING FOR THOSE WHO NEED CARE.” We will have Representatives from the best Independent,-Living, Assisted-Living-, Nursing-Home (Sub -Acute Units of Nursing-Homes for Rehabilitative Care) Hospice, Funeral Parlors, etc.

In your mailings is information on our Nine Organizations in Israel that we raise funds for. If you are interested in providing a Bequest in your Will for any of our Organizations in Israel, we will help with your Living -Will, Health Care Proxy, and ‘Disability- Trust’ (If you see the document “MY WISH TO LIVE IN MY OWN HOME UNTIL I DIE)*, and Last Will and Testament. Please call me for a Private, Confidential Appointment at (212) 869-9477

Looking forward to the pleasure of seeing you on June 22,2017,

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt

* The Best place (in my estimation) for an older person is in their own home, and if incompetent, a must-have document is a ‘Disability-Trust administered by your chosen Trustee.




Dear Friend(s)

Re: Pre-PASSOVER Luncheon at ABIGAEL’S Kosher Restaurant, 1407 Broadway, April 6, 2017 NYC, 12: noon-3:00 p.m.

It was raw and raining, and the block of Abigael’s Kosher Restaurant was being renovated.. Nevertheless, we and the other hardy souls that braved weather and tarpaulin came down to the Basement where low lights and quiet reigned for the Pre-Passover IAF Service.


And because the time-frame of 12-Noon to 3:00 p.m. was different from the 1:30-4:00 p.m. of the normal meeting time; Rabbi Meyer Leifer & Lori Leifer were not there and it was 12: 15 and Elaine Levitt, began the program talking about the new venture of the Israel America Foundation, “My Mighty Hand” which will help American Jewish & Christian Students on the Campuses of Universities accosted by aggressive Moslem Students blaming Jewish students for the supposedly undemocratic activities of the Israeli Government in its control of the West-Bank, Judea, Samaria and Gaza,, and we are arranging to have a summer-school or winter break with students that “MY MIGHTY HAND” will take to ORANIM, the largest teaching college in Northern Israel and teach them the history of Israel, and Jerusalem as well as Leadership and Krav Maga (Israeli combat defense) and Emergency Medical Training, as well as take them on sightseeing trips, to the Christian and Jewish important sites.


Jacques Ackerman, businessman, originally from Zurich Switzerland spoke about Anti-Semitism today.Then, Bernard Gordon spoke about Passover and the enslavement of the Jews in Egypt,at a time when they knew not Joseph and the Role of Moses who had been adopted by the Pharoh’s’ sister after she found him in a basket floating on the Nile River. Continued (on back)

Bernard Gordon, Educator, and Teaching-Fellow at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C spoke about troubles Moses had to liberate the Jews from 100 years of slavery. Once the Pharoah decided to let Moses & his people go, he regretted it and came after them. Moses agaom called on G-d, and the sea parted and the Jews were able to go onto dry land. However, the Egyptians were drowned. Bernard spoke about the Midwives, instructed by the Pharoah to kill infant boys, but the mid-wives told the Pharoah that the women were able to birth their own children. He called these mid-wives the first “Righteous Gentiles.’

Rabbi Leifer, Emeritus Rabbi of Emunath Israel Synagogue, and Chaplain of Morningside Nursing Home in the Bronx explained that the Matzos(The bread of affliction) were symbolic of Passover. We read Haggadahs (to see and hear the story)and remember the days in which we went free from Egypt. The bread did not have time to rise as we fled Egypt. The four cups of wine were symbolic of the gifts that G-d gave the Jews, (i) He let them go out of Egypt (2) He secured them from harm (3) In the 40 years in the desert he freed their minds from slavery(4) He led them to the promised- land.

We filled the cup of wine for Elijah who was the greatest prophet of them all and the harbinger of Messianic times and is always a Passover guest.



Lori Leifer sang and played the piano for the Four Questions,’ Day-yei-nu”, and “Eliyohu Hanovi.”And the final song, “Ani Manim.’

At the end of the Pre-Passover Program, Elaine Levitt, spoke about the attack and burning of the Warsaw- Ghetto by the Germans on the first and second night of Passover of 1943. Those that survived the burning of the Warsaw Ghetto were able to crawl out of the burning Ghetto by way of the tunnels that the prescient Jews dug behind the toilets when the ghetto was built, that allowed the survivors to get to the sewers where they joined the Polish- Resistance Fighters.’ In 1947, they made their way to Palestine. in 1948 when Israel became a state; the survivors formed a Kibbutz, Beit LoHamei Haghetaot (The Ghetto Fighter’s House & Museum) and later, ‘Yad Yaeled’ (The Museum of the Child).

We lit six candles, symbolic of the Six Million Jews that were killed because they were Jewish, and intoned the names of some ot the death camps—NEVER TO FORGET! Sincerely,

Elaine Levitt



Dear Friend(s):

RE” Israel America Foundation’s Post Purim Program, Thursday March 16, 2017, 1:30-4:00, Studio 353, 353 W. 48th Street, NYC. New York was supposed to be hit by a blizzard on Tuesday, March 14th. Luckily, it was more like 4 inches, but the cold continued to Thursday,and there was difficulty in getting around. However, we had a fairly large group in attendance. However our two main Rabbis, were not there. Rabbi Leifer was in Israel awaiting the birth of a new grandson by his oldest daughter Nicole. He was going to officiate at the ‘Bris’. He was late in coming, so Rabbi Leifer couldn’t come and Rabbi Levenson was stuck in Rockville, Md. Because of the snow.



So we began our Post-Purim Event in the basement of Studio 353, most probably because, one of the regulars, couldn’t come on Tuesday.

The basement would have been alright, except for the fact that when the coffee electric plug was connected to the socket, all the lights went out., and did not come back on until the electrician showed up 1 ½ hours into the program. Suffice it to say, there was no microphone and no lights, but somehow with the Hamantashen, the bagels and cream-cheese, the singing and piano music, and finally the speeches, the audience was riveted!


Lori Leifer, Rabbi Leifer’s daughter read the most sacred part of the Purim Bible Reading. And sang songs and played piano.

Jacques Ackerman, retired businessman, spoke about Anti-Semitism during the time of the Holocaust, and the problem with the two state Solution. Mr. Ackerman said the best solution to the problem was that …”There was no solution!!

Bernard Gordon, Education and Teaching-Fellow at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. spoke regarding the story of Purim.

Purim was the story of the averting of a genocide. This time, in the Diaspora, in the Country of Persia, where the Jews had come for sanctuary. Haman was the Prime-Minister of King Achashverosh; and Vashti was his wife; who had refused to dance before the drunken king and his friends; so she was beheaded.


Esther was a beautiful Jewish girl, who was picked from a group of the most beautiful girls in the Persian Kingdom to be the second wife of the King. She was either the Cousin or Niece of Mordecai who was head of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Religious Group that was forced to leave Jerusalem when their Temple was burned down on the Ninth day of the month of King Nebuchadnezzar when he captured Jerusalem and exiled the Jews to Babylon. Mordechai didn’t bow-down before Haman.



Haman decided to get rid of these ‘stiff-necked’ ‘different’ people by choosing by lot (Pur) a day that the residents of Persia in all the towns would turn on their Jews. When Mordechai found out about this; he entreated Esther, King Achasverosh’s wife to intercede. She did it by womanly wiles.G-d did not have to make miracles. The King asked for another order which allowed the Jews to turn on those that would kill them, and the Jews Killed them instead.And instead of Mordechai, it was Haman and his 10 children that were hanged on the gallows instead of Mordechai.

Rabbi Leifer is fond of calling attention to the fact, that it was King Cyrus of Persia who helped rebuild the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem, and as the prophet Ezra stated, Cyrus was the son of Esther & King Achasverosh.The Program ended with Songs and Piano Music by Deborah Peck & Yani Leitner with the Finale, an original PurimSpiel played by Actors from our Audience telling the Story of Purim. Our Next Program will be Pre-Passover on April 6th at Abigail’s. HAG SAMEACH!!


Dear Friends:

RE: Israel America Foundation’s Tu B’Shevat Program, Thursday February 16th, 2017, 1:30-4:00 Studio 353, 353 W.  48th Street, NYC.

Elaine Levitt, President of the I.A.F. introduced the Tu B’shevat program.  Elaine spoke about the Ukrainian student’s wish to stay at Oranim (whose original grants to Oranim were paid by the IAF for another semester (the Ukrainian students were bothered by Anti-semitism when Putin invaded Crimea) as their letters to the U.S. for funding fo an additional gran makes evident. Ukrainian students need $5,000 for each student per semester).  They want to stay in Israel permanently.


Bernard Gordon began the Tu B’shevat Program that had been delayed one week because of the Winter Blizzard that occurred 2/9/17.  Bernard Gordon told us that underneath the ground in Israel the roots of the trees were awakening. It was the miracle of new life for trees that occur seasonally.

Early in the 19th century there was another miracle. Jews were coming back to Palestine! all during the eons of the diaspora, when things were darkest; asa per the time in Persia (Purim is our people’s memory of that time) and in the time of the Crusades, and later still in the Middle ages, the Jewish expulsions for England, Spain and Portugal; there were other places to go to even America, but with the Pogroms; killings of Jews in the Ghettos) in Russia and Poland in the late 19th Century the immigrants began the return to Palestine. It was the only place these persecuted Jews wanted to go. The first immigrants to Palestine found swamp and dessert and they died of Diptheria, Typhoid, and Typhus.  The Jewish national Fund reclaimed the land of Israel by draining swamps and planting trees, and the pioneers tilled the soil and planted crops. Gradually, the land came back  and the Jewish Pioneers were grateful.  Another New Year was added:  The New Year For Trees.



Rabbi Leifer, Emeritus Rabbi and chaplain of Morningside N.H. spoke about the importance of Tu B’shevat.  We drank the fruit of the vine, and ate of the fruits of the trees of Israel: figs, dates, raisins, almonds, etc.  And we said “Yizkor” the prayer for the dead for Helen Oken (who had no relatives to say it for her) whose assets she contributed to the Ia.F.  for projects on health for the aged in Israel.  Lori Leifer sang songs for Tu B’shevat in Hebrew, Yiddish and English accompanying herself on the piano.

Elaine Levitt introduced D. Debbie Joffee Ellis, wife of the late, great Dr. Albert Ellis, a pioneer in the field of Cognitive Therapy. R.E.B.T.   His therapy successfully dealt with depression, which is the most pervasive form of mental illness in the world today, depression is caused by excessive anxiety and rumination based on an inherited predisposition. Elaine likened a depressed person, to a tree in winter; that looks dead, but underground its roots are stirring.


Dr Ellis (Adjunct professor of psychology, Columbia University) spoke about the major precepts of R.E.B.T then called a volunteer, so she could demonstrate.  A lady who just had a male-friend leave her after a long relationship, raised her hand. This lady was depressed thinking at her age, she wouldn’t be able to find another Male-friend.  Dr. Ellis explained to her that her existence was justification enough for her to feel good about herself.  Debbie asked her if she had proof that she would never have a male friend again.  There as no proof that she could not find another male friend.  Dr Ellis told her to go find someone.  The program ended.  The next IAF Program will be on Thurs March 16th (Purim) at Studio 353.


Dear Friend(s):

RE: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Israel America Foundation Estate & Financial Planning Session

It was cold. Winter, you know! The elevator didn’t work when we arrived at Studio 353/ Happily, it was repaired before we left. The bagels were delicious and the audience knew more after the Seminar than before.

Elaine Levitt started the Program on time. She spoke about ‘Beit Lohamei Haghetaot”(The Ghetto Fighter’s House,) one of the nine Israeli Non-profits, the IAF raises funds for. The IAF has raised funds for ‘Beit Lohamei Haghetaot’ for the last 11 years. Before that, Elaine Levitt raised funds for Israel HISTADRUT Foundation (IHF) from 1978-1996 (18 years) where she also raised funds for Lohamei Haghetaot..


A bit of history; the Warsaw Ghetto burned to the Ground in Passover of 1939, after putting up a valiant fight for weeks against the military might of Polish soldiers. The remnant of the Warsaw Ghetto escaped through the sewers and fought on the Partisan side against the Nazis, finally departing for Israel when the state was declared in 1948.

The Ghetto Fighter’s (GFH) Kibbutz and Museum was founded in the Western Galilee in 1949 by a community of Holocaust survivors. The Ghetto Fighter’s House Museum is believed to be the world’s first museum to commemorate the historical heritage of the Holocaust-era experience and Jewish resistance. Today the (GFH offers exhibitions, workshops, seminars, conferences, study tours, curricular materials, theatrical performances and commemorative programs.

Preserved in the Archives of the Ghetto Fighter’s Museum are 2,500,000 items of historical material of different kinds: photographs, films, video-recorded testimonies, audio-taped testimonies, photograph -records, press clippings, documents, memoirs, diaries, an Art Collection and an Artifact Collection.


The Archives deal with three main time periods: ( 1) The Jewish world between the two world wars (2) The fate of the Jewish people during WWII, in camps, ghettos, forests and hiding places, physical and spiritual resistance &U 3) The rebuilding of lives after the liberation ( In D.P. Camps, clandestine Aliyah and detention camps on Cyprus)

There is a new permanent exhibition being established at Beit Lohamei Haghetaot using the glass booth designed to shield Adolph Eichman during his trial in Israel in 1961.The booth was given to the Museum for safe-keeping in recognition of the significant backing and assistance rendered to the Prosecution of Eichman by the GFH Archives at that time, and the moral and historical support given the Chief Prosecutor by Zivia Lubetkin and Yitzhak Zukerman—key figures in the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

Elaine Levitt’s husband, Rabbi Paul Levenson of the Judaic Department of Northeastern University, in Boston, Mass will.join with Dr, George Zilbergeld, Adjunct Prof. of Rutgers’ University to train students in the Summer School of the International School of ORANIM in Israel. ORANIM is the largest Teaching –College in the North of Israel, and it is the fulcrum for some of the most creative teaching in Israel. The students chosen will be Jewish and Christian students presently enrolled on U.S. College-Campuses. When they return to their Home- College -Campuses’ in the fall; they will be better equipped to respond to the incitement of the Moslem student- agitators resident on these same College Campuses. Beit Lohamei Haghetaot will also be involved in the student’s learning endeavors.



Elaine began the Israel America Foundation’s Estate and Financial Planning Program for Seniors. The Key for the Seniors was to think and plan themselves about what had to be done before the time to do

it arrived so that when the time did come everything would be ready; Then there would be the least anxiety and fear because all the planning would already have been done.

Elaine introduced Stefanie Garry, from Plaza Jewish Community Chapel who described how important it was to deal with one’s own disposition of burial and final sacraments without fear and to do it in a timely manner so that what you want will be done at a minimal cost.


Additionally, Rabbi Rachmiel Rothenberger, the Liaison and Coordinator for CALVARY HOSPICE (HOME HOSPICE) in the Bronx, can be consulted about Home=- Hospice (which is a Medicare Program) After you learn about this program, you can institute it yourself when you are dying, if your physician gives you fearful information such as “You may have 6 months to live.” But, don’t wait for this information. find out what Hospice is, should you need it, in the future, un-afraid, you will know what to do, and if you are sure you want it now, include it in your ‘Disability-Trust- ’Document.


Elaine Levitt then introduced a Representative from Workman’s Circle, and Michael Lynch, a Funeral Director from Parkside Funeral Parlor. Workmen’s Circle is a Membership Organization that sells cemetery Plots in Paramus, New Jersey. Members pay on a Quarterly basis for their Funeral plot. Parkside (a funeral parlor) that does everything except solicit the funds to the cemetery for the opening and closing of the grave, and the sale of the real-estate where the grave is dug.

John Levitt, ESQ. was introduced. John works with AXA. ADVISORS and does Asset Management Guidance and Estate and Tax Planning in ‘PEGASUS’ OF which he is the Managing Partner. ( its all under one roof) John told his audience that he gives a complimentary introductory Consultation, to get to know the client and both the Client and the Financial Advisor learn about the relationship that would ensue between the Financial Advisor and the person seeking his services. John explained how important it was to plan in advance strategies for making money, and not just accreting investments. Find out what John Levitt Esq. can do for you by calling and arranging a Complementary First Session:



Elaine Levitt spoke about a ‘Disability Trust’ which is a Trust that one makes in one’s lifetime when you are in full possession of your faculties, You make this Trust in the present, because you don’t know that at some time in the future you may no longer be rational and able to choose what they would want in that future time.


If you know in the present that you want to continue to reside in your own home or apartment; with day/night care if necessary, and with a friend or family member or two to look out for you, and you’re up to finalizing these things in the present (subject to changes that can be made as long as you are competent), then should the feared event occur when you are no longer in possession of your faculties, things will go as well as can be expected, because you made your decision when you could.

With an executed ‘Disability-Trust’ you have taken care of another fear the first fear would be death The second fearis that you may land in a Nursing-Home, if you leave the work you must do for yourself to others.


December 20. 2016

Dear Friends:

Re: IAF Chanukah Celebration, The Story of Chanukah at Studio 353,353 West 48th Street (Between 8th & 9th Avenues) NYC, Thurs.

December 15, 2016; 1:30-4:00 p.m.

According to the ‘Peter Principle; “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Ans everything did go wrong on the 15th of December! The Elevator in the Studio didn’t work and the wonderful people attending on that freezing-cold day had to walk a particularly sharp, cruel flight of stairs, but at the top they were rewarded with Latkes, Cookies, Soup, Coffee and Tea and Chanukah songs and piano music by Lori Leifer and Devorah Peck & Yaani Leitner.


Rabbi Leifer then spoke about Chanukah, and the Courage of the Maccabees, and he lit the Chanukiah, the 8-candled Menorah, signifying the Celebration of Succoth of which Chanukah is an extension.


Bernard Gordon told the story of the Second Temple Period which was two hundred years before the destruction of the SecondT emple by the Romans. It is the story beginning in the year 175 BCE, when Antiochus Epiphenes, a cruel tyrant who ascended to the throne of Syria. He wanted everyone to speak the Greek Language, and bow to the Greek Gods.


Even the Jews seemed to assent, but deliverance was at hand. In Modin, a village in Judah was a man from a priestly family named Hasmonean, a man of great piety. He lived with his five son, who he trained in a passionate love for his Jewish Faith. He couldn’t stand a Jew bowing to an alter erected by the Syrian Officers. He stabbed the Faithless Jew and raised the standard of revolt. “Those who believe in God, Flee to the Hills,” he said. In 165 BCE, Judah Maccabee, Mattathias’ son commemorated the victory of the Judeans and re-dedicated the Temple in Jerusalem.


On the 25th day of Kislev begins the 8 days of Chanukah.

The most important ceremony of Chanukah is the kindling of the Chanukah lights. The light of Judaism never went out.

Our Door Prize was a ‘Needle-Point hanging. We have many Object D’Art for sale in our IAF Offices. We will accept the highest contribution, and the funds will go to Israel for Medical Research in Israel in Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease in the name of Helen Oken,


Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt

P.S. REMEMBER for your charitable contribution this Chanukah:


Call up ISRAEL America Foundation, make a date to see

And buy Object’D’Art for your home and help fund

Medical research In the name of Helen Oken Estate.

Telephone # 212) 869-9777



Newsletter- November 17th, 2016

Dear Friend (s):

Re: …”And When You Get Very Old”…Seminar; Thursday, November 17, 2016 at Studio 353, 353 West 48th St, NYC.

It was a balmy day in November, and we were back at Studio 353 for our new Seminar. The streets were unusually congested since Donald Trump had won the election for President of the U.S. and continued to inhabit his apartment in NYC. , and the Seminar’s speaker’s table filled up slowly. We also had trouble with our order of bagels and Danish from ”Ess A Bagel.” And when the order finally came, it was one dozen short in the bagel department.


We started off our program with entertainment by the newly married Duo of Devorae Peck & Yani Leitner; a couple that had entertained together for some 30 years, and now were newly married! Yani was an Israeli who sang and played piano and he and Devorae sang in Hebrew, Yiddish and English all the “old favorite tunes”.


Elaine Levitt, President of the IAF introduced the Seminar. She mentioned that the IAF was giving a lovely framed, Flower Needle-Point as a door-prize. We notified all our “Friends” that we had in our Offices more lovely needlepoint wall-hangings which the IAF received as a Testamentary Disposition, and we will accept small contributions for them which would go for ’ studies in heart – disease’ through the IAF to Ben Gurion University in Israel.


Elaine Levitt introduced Olga Gorelik, Director of Community Outreach & Admissions at Amber Court Assisted-Living in Brooklyn (650 East 104th Street Brooklyn, NY. 11236 #718-649-0700.) Elaine Levitt stated that it would be advisable to call each speaker and arrange for a time and date to tour their Facility.

Michael Sutliffe, the Speaker for Flushing House located at 38-20 Bowne St., Flushing, NY. 11254, Tel: (718)762-3198. Michael stated that Flushing House was an Independent –Living Facility. (Go over your financial details with The Directors when you visit their facilities. In the Case of Flushing House; if you live there 3 years, since it is a Not-For Profit, they will supplement your rent, even if you can’t pay the full amount.)


Amy Schiller came from Gurwin- Jewish Assisted-Living, 68 Hauppauge Rd., Commack, LI. NY 11725 (631) 715-2000 (You can see it if you go there for short-term Rehabilitation after a Hospital- stay.) This facility is the most expensive of the three represented. A One Bedroom Deluxe is $5,965, per month per person or $71,580 per annum, a 2 Bedroom, deluxe is $7,400 per month per person, or $88,000 per annum without extras!

Leah Hershko came from Pella-Care. Pella-Carre is a Registered Day/Night Care Agency for the employment of Aides; $18.50 per hour 9-5, and $240 per day Round- the -Clock. If you live at home and used ‘Pella’ and are now on Medicaid, you can continue using the same Aides if your Aides came from Pella-care.


Our final speaker was Rabbi R. Rothberger of Calvary Hospice.His title is Jewish Community Liaison. Hospice is paid for by Medicare and you can receive Home Hospice which can include aides and other perks.

Looking forward to seeing you in December 15 for Chanukah!


Sincerely yours,

Elaine Levitt