The Israel America Foundation Supports 10 Israeli Non-Profits And The 10th Is The Israel America Foundation

Charities the IAF Supports At A Glance by Category (Find More Detailed Descriptions Below)


1. STUDIES for MEDICAL RESEARCH on CONDITIONS OF THE AGING: Ben Gurion University & Soroka Hospital.

2. Holocaust Museums: LoHamei HaGhetaot(The Ghetto Fighter’s Museum)& Yad Yaeled (The Museum of the Child) for Education Projects.

3.  Teaching College:  Oranim.

4. Repatriation of the Jews of Argentina To Israel: The Chayim Finkelstein Association.

5. Securing the life of a historic Histadrut Kibbutz: KIBBUTZ GINOSSAR in Tiberius.

6. RAISING FUNDS to pay bills of ORTHODOX MALE ORPHANS living in Relatives’ homes:  DISKIN ORPHAN’S HOME, JERUSALEM .

7.  Need and merit-based Student Scholarships:  AMAL –(Top Technological High School).

8. Retirement Communities and children’s villages: The Histadrut.

9. HELP FOR PSYCHOTIC & DRUG- ADDICTED TEENS ,YOUNG ADULTS & Developmentally, disabled children: Shalvat Chayim.

10.Programs & Seminars for Senior Citizen’s in the Tri-state Area, legal solutions & medical- help: The Israel America Foundation.

More Information On The 10 Charities:

1. Ben GURION UNIVERSITY & Soroka Hospital


The Center for Multidisciplinary Research in Aging’ & Soroka Hospital (The largest Hospital in the Negev).Studies in the name of one’s family is established here. Ben Gurion University is the only academic center in Israel that contains in one single campus all the faculties in which research relevant to aging is being carried out, including the Faculty of Health Sciences as well as a comprehensive Medical Center (Soroka” ) that has a department of geriatrics headed by Prof. Sara Carmel, Director, M.Ph., Ph.D.

The Center does research as per the following:

Health & Welfare Services: Models of medical services for the elderly are examined & socio-demographic, and ethnic differences in geriatric rehabilitation in Day-Care Centers and Nursing Homes are explored. Survivors of the Holocaust make up a sizeable amount of the Senior Citizens of Israel.

Physical & Cognitive Capabilites of Senior Citizens: Learning cognition and Memory, visual and special attention, hearing, etc.

Frailty & Disease covering the medical spects of the senior citizen, such as hypertension, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, etc.

Nutrition Study of dietary habits of different ethnic and racial groups of elderly in the Negev Area, and the factors for nutritional deterioration in the elderly

Physiology and biology, etc: topic covers the physiology of the aging brain, the regulation of body temperature, etc.

Policies: such as the way that pension reform in Israel occurs, political parties made up primarily of elderly persons, policies and servies for the aging, etc.

Sociology of health and psychology: Coping with loss, coping with hip-fracture, stroke and death, etc.

Research has to be funded. In the Department of The Aging of Ben Gurion University , Senior Citizens would benefit by research in the aforementioned subjects. The senior citizen is becoming a growing Israeli political force; and these studies on aging are vital to the health of the Israeli people for years to come.Which of the above-mentioned projects, do you want to fund?

2. BEIT LOHAMAI HAGHETAOT: (Ghetto Fighter’s House) The Survivors of the Warsaw -Ghetto crawled through the sewers to link up with the Partisans and from there onward to ISRAEL. And a Kibbutz and two Holocaust Museums. Contributions here are used for teaching soldiers & children about the Holocaust perpetrated against the Jews of Poland. Rami Hochman, General Director.

3.  The Histadrut: NETWORK OF 10 OF THE BEST RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES of the Histadrut in Israel, and 3 ‘CHILDREN’S Villages (Housing orphans, Children in need & Disabled children)

4. THE CHAIM FINKELSTEIN ASSOCIATION: is an Archive and Research Center for Jewish education in Israel and its implications for the future.



The organization has its origin in the Jewish Education system in Argentina and specifically in the Scholem Alejem school system established in 1934, a Center for Jewish life and education for over 75 years. The Scholem Alejem School today is the largest Jewish School in Argentina.Parents send their children to this school. {Youngsters decide to make Aliya following the development of their Jewish Consciousness through education in the schools and youth movement. All work is done by retired professionals in Israel and all are volunteers. Asher Porat, MD. Is the Founder & Director. They find a way to integrate professionals into Israeli Life, and the Professionals bring over their families. CFEJC helps with the absorption of all Diaspora Jews, Russian jews in particular. CFEHC Volunteers know that extricating a people from a country where there is not violent anti-semitism is more than allowing Jews open migration simply because they are Jewish. Older Jews do not come alone. They are too entrenched, to make a change. They are also too afraid, since they have more to lose. Young professionals are more mobile and come on Visitor Visas” to Israel. However, these young professionals have to be assured that they will get comparable positions Israel or they won’t leave the Country of their birth. It is hard even for younger people to give up the ‘known’ for the ‘unknown’. Jobs have to be found for these people, roughly commensurate with the position that they are leaving, and it is nnot easy in a competitive enviornment like Israel to find a ready-made job! This is the mission that the F.F.E.J.C. has carved out for itself. If young professionals leave the country, their elders will follow; and the Jewish community can be saved. It takes time and patience but CFHC needs increased funding to carry out the ‘nitty-gritty’ of getting a job-fit: 1) the new emigrants may have to learn Hebrew ; 2) get additional money for traveling to find a job; 3) Job-trainng; 4) living expenses etc. This takes funding. Most of the burden of funding falls on the volunteers who privately pay these expenses with their out-of-pocket contributions. They get some funds from the Government. However, they need additional funds. This is a great Mitzvah; to save Jewish Souls


5. ORANIM: (Largest Teaching College in Northern Israel. known for its outstanding academic training, granting bachelor and master degrees.Founded in 1951 by the Kibbutz Movement, the college is fully accredited by the Israeli Council for Higher education and ranked the #1 Institution for studying Education in Israel. )



1. Judaism and Jewish Peoplehood—Past, Present, Future
Students interested in understanding and affiliating with the tradition and religion of their ancestors, preserving importance and relevance of Israel- Diaspora synergy and mutuality.

2. Global Jewish Leadership
Students interested in becoming leaders in their communities. This course deals with Leadership, in theory and practice, promoting dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds.

3. Jewish Education for the Next Generation
Students in education, teaching in different educational settings. This course provides educational tools, while acquainting students with issues and dilemmas in the field of Jewish education.


*Cost of the Program Includes: Tuition, food, Social, educational acitivities, and field study.

6. Diskin orphanage: In Israel IAF raises funds to help orphan boys who are orphaned continue to live at home being cared for by relatives until they are grown and married. Diskin is in Jerusalem& its properties are rented out for celebrations and the funds distributed to pay the bills of the Orphans’ relatives.

7. MISHAN Center: Mishan: *Is the Hebrew Word for “Support” Mishan was founded in 1931 (75 years ago) by activists of the Histadrut to help 200 unemployed workers

Mishan Maintains Children’s Villages

Some of the children who come to Mishan were physically or emotionally neglected or abused, some were removed from their homes by court order, some have disabilities or behavior problems.


*Alumni Village-Kfar Saba, Israel-

(Last chance for Children at risk) established in 1942 (64 years ago) home for 250 children and youth aged 2-18 with traumatic family backgrounds. SOme were abused, neglected or orphaned, others have parents who are mentally ill. Alumni also operates a Day-Center which allows youths a chance to receive the necessary help while living at home while attending regular school.

*Onim Village-Kfar Saba, Israel

Established in 1947, (59 years ago) now home for 200 children & youth for whom assimilation into society poses difficult challenges; hearing loss, learning disabilities, adjustment problems & behavior problems, victimes of abusive or neglectful homes. They helped absorb the wave of immigrants from Ethiopia in the 1980s.

*Apple House- Gan Yavne, Israel

Established in 1954 (52 years ago) now home for 200 children and youth (age 2-18) who suffered from domestic violence and dispute. Through the years, thousands of Apple House graduates have served in the army and gone on to lead normal, stable lives as productive members of society.

 For Israel’s seniors Mishan Maintains:

3,950 Israeli seniors are spending their senior years in Mishan’s network of 10 residences for the elderly. The average life expectancy in Israel has been increasing; it now stands at 80 years for women and 76 years for men. The rapidly growing senior population makes geriatric problems, Mishan contributes to the study of age-related diseases and lobbies vigorously for the rights of seniors

* Avot Hanegev Be’er Sheva

Most of the 384 residents of this facilty are Holocaust survivors. Habayit Bagan was built more than 3 decades ago

* Mishan Holon (herzfeld)
The first Nursing Home of Mishan was built in 1948. It houses 610 Senior Citizens. The original residents were veterans of the pre-state jewish Defense organization. Since then it has been home to thousands of independent seniors.

*Carmel Haifa
Established in 2956, Carmel is home to 304 retired residents from Haifa and Northern israel, many of them are from the Country’s pioneering generation.

* Gonen Jerusalem
Gonen was established after the Six Day War in 1967 and renovated in 1993. Most of the 104 independent residents are from the Jerusalem area.

* Mishan Ra’anana (Polanski)
This is israel’s largest and most advanced skilled nursing facility. Established in 1976, Mishan, Ra’anana cares for 572 seniors including Holocaust survivors and the mentally ill from all over Israel.


8. Kibbutz Ginossar


Kibbutz Ginnosar is in Tiberius, Israel. Yigal Nagar, Moshe Awes and Alex Barak are contact persons. Tiberius is the oldest settlement of Jews in Israel. The Romans Vacationed in Tiberius in summer. Kibbutz Ginosar is located parallel to Lake Kinneret. The scenery is breathtaking. Walking to the land that the Kibbutz owns, you overlook beautiful, Lake Kinneret, but they do not have the funds. Today, most of the Kibbutzim are in financial difficulties.  Kibbutz Ginnosar owns and manages the largest Hotel of the Kibbutz Movement, “Hotel Nof Ginnosar”. Tiberius is very close to Lebanon; and in the most recent war with Lebanon, the children of the Kibbutz were forced to stay in the bomb shelters for the entire length of the Lebanon war. And the bomb-shelters are not “child friendly’. It was very difficult for the children to remain there. Kibbutz Ginossar needs contributions to make the shelters livable for children. Unfortunately, for weeks after the Lebanon war, Israelis avoided Tiberius as a tourist spot. As you can well imagine, this hurt the Kibbutz financially.

Hotel Nof Ginossar & Yigal Allon Museum: Tourists vacationing in Tiberius stay at Hotel Nof Ginossar. Management of the Hotel Nof Ginossar is the main industry of Kibbutz Ginossar. The executives of the IAF, through t the contributions of hadassah Zweig, a member of the IAF Board, established two synagogues at the Kibbutz Ginossar, some 15 years ago, one in the Kibbutz, and the other in the Hotel. The Yigal Allon museum is on the premises of Kibbutz Ginossar. In addition to displaying the papers of Yigal Allon, a great patriot and member of the Labor Party; the museum houses the “Oldest Boat”. This boat is sometimes called the “Jesus Boat”. It was dredged up from Lake Kinneret after a storm. It dates from the time of Jesus some 2007 years ago.
Tree Planting The IAF has an arrangement with Kibbutz Ginossar in Tiberius regarding tree planting. Friends of the IAF can plant trees in the Palmach Grove (where a battle for the Independence of the State of Israel was fought in 1948) for $50 inscribed in Honor of, and in memeory of the distgnated individual in Hebrew and in English on a collective plaque. The trees are tagged in the name of the individual, and should an individual tree perish, another tree is planted in its stead. A few benches surround this area, contributed by Bella Markowicz, Friend of the IAF so that peple can sit and reflect on the trees and life.

Omanit is the craft-shop in Ginossar where Senior Citizens are bussed in from surrounding Kibbutzim. The Seniors work there on making crafts which are sold to tourists who visit Hotel Nof Ginossar. When the crafts are sold, the profits are divided between the workers. The Craftspeople treasure the money they earn which allows them independence in their elder years.

There is a “Nursing-Home” in Kibbutz Ginossar where the elderly of the Kibbutz reside. The Kibbutz takes care of its own.


9. Shalvat Chayim: in Jerusalem helps those suffering from mental illness, children, youth, teen-agers, those suffering from substance abuse, providing a home for those all over the world who have never felt at home with themselves. Mental disease is the most cruel robber of mankind.  It hits the young as well as the old. The rich as well as the poor.It strikes at all religions and all races. Israel has  an Organization that breathes kindness as well as the latest Psychological and Psychiatric treatment. Shalvat Chayim was founded by Rabbi Nissim Edery, an IDF army officer and professor at Bar Ilan University, to help soldiers injured in the Yom Kippur War.

Many of the soldiers were suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and were  languishing in mental hospital.  Rabbi Edery pioneered the concept of removing the soldiers from the hospital and placed them in residential environments.  The program enjoyed great success as the soldiers healed in the warm therapeutic setting.

A beautiful Group -Home in Ramot, overlooking the Jerusalem Hills, today takes in people from Israel and abroad.T he facility houses 15 men, 18-40 years old.  They suffer from a variety of mental disorders:  schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorders IOCD), paranoia,clinical depression, disabling anxiety, and personality disorders. Shalvat Chayim manages an additional number of Group Homes as well as assisted-living apartments,and foster homes throughout Israel.



An apartment was recently opened in Jerusalem to help teenage substance abuser sand youth-at risk and return them to their normal lives.  Staffs are composed of  a team of Psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, a head-nurse, a chef and other professional counselors who assist the patients in their recover[y.Each patient is treated with a personally tailored program under the expert guidance of Tamar Shefer, Chief Resident Psychologist.  Many of these man have been in and out of hospitals.

In the largest of Shalvat Chaim’s group Homes, a majority of the patients are from overseas,.  Individual sessions are conducted in English and Group Sessions are conducted in Hebrew and English.Shalvat Chayim is the only program bringing people from New York and New Jersey to Israel. WHILE SOME AID IS AVAILABLE FOR ISRAELI CITIZENS, overseas patients receive little or no government assistance. SHALVAT CHAYIM must raise these funds to provide the desperately needed care these men, women and teens are not able to get anywhere else so that they and their families have a chance for a better and brighter future.  ANY CONTRIBUTION WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!

10. Israel America Foundation: in the United States, raises funds to help the elderly remain independent by helping with estate & Financial Planning.

*Contributions to any of the charities listed can be made by calling Israel America Foundation at (212) 869-9477 or 

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Upcoming Events


THURSDAY, November 16, 2017, Studio 353, 353 West 48th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, 2nd Fl. NYC -From 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Complimentary Kosher Refreshments: Bagels, Cream-Cheese, Danishes,

Coffee and Tea. Please call # (212) 869-9477


Life is complicated and getting old and dying are the most complicated areas of all. Let’s make it easier!

Let us meet and greet the professionals in the areas

Of: Law, Finance, Insurance, Pre-Needs-Funeral- arrangements-Hospice, Monuments, Development -Directors for Home /Care Agencies for Aides, Independent, Assisted and Nursing -Home Care and we’ll put a gloss on it with a talk by Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis, who I’m sure will say: “Since It is a process that all we humans go through; let’s make it as positive as we can!”




‘P A I N – C L I N I C’



WHEN OPIATES CANNOT BE USED! Thursday, October 19th from 1:30-4:00 p.m. at Studio 353, 353 W. 48th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues) 2nd Fl. Complimentary Kosher Refreshments R.S.V.P.# (212) 869-9477 






Days of Awe & The Harvest Holidays: Thursday, September 14, 2017 1:30-4:00 P.M.,At Studio 353, 353 W. 48th St., NYC (between 8th & 9th Avenues,2nd Fl.),Complimentary Kosher Refreshments, R.S.V.P.# (212) 869-9477 



Rabbi Meyer Leifer/The Mysticism of the Shofar

Rabbi Paul H. Levenson/The meaning of Judaism & the Jewish New Year

Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis/ -Psychologist Every year you have to take stock

Bernard Gordon/Educator/ Humanistic Background of the High Holidays

Lori Leifer/ Singing and Piano (Songs appropriate to the occasion)

ESTATE & FINANCIAL – PLANNING WORKSHOP: Thursday, August 17, 1:30-4:00 p.m. Complementary Kosher Refreshments Studio 353, 353 W. 48th St.NYC-2nd Fl. Space limited: Must R.S.V.P. (212) 869-9477




Last Will & Testament, Executorship

Living Will and Health Care Proxy

Disability Trusts & ‘Special-Needs’ Trust

Trustee’s- Duties


Financial Investments as we Age

Cognitive-Therapy (as we age)



PANELISTS: LAWYERS, insurance agents, Financial -ADVISORS,  and PSYCHOLOGISTS

“JEWS IN AMERICA IN THE COLONIAL PERIOD”, Thursday, July 20, 2017 from 1:30-4: p.m. at Israel America Foundation Quarters: 108 West 39th Street, Suite 1001, NY.,Y. 10018-Complementary, kosher Refreshments

Space limited: Must R.S.V.P. (212) 869-9477


FEATURING: Lori Leifer-Singing, Playing Piano

RABBI MEYER LEIFER, Emeritus Rabb Emunath Israel & Chaplain Morningside N.H. Bx.

RABBI PAUL LEVENSON, Emeritus Rabbi & Trustee, L’ChayimFund/Kansas City, Boston

Bernard Gordon, Educator, and Teaching -Fellow, Holocaust Museum, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis: Adjunct Prof. Columbia


“CARING FOR THOSE WHO NEED CARE”-SENIOR- HOUSING WORKSHOP’  THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2017, 1:30-4:00 P.M. Studio 353, 353 West 48th Street, 2nd Floor Space limited: Must R.S.V.P. (212) 869-9477


Meet and Greet Representatives from:Independent -Living/Assisted- Living& Nursing Homes ·

ASSISTED- LIVING: Harbor View, Brooklyn, Village -Care, NY. Carnegie East. NYC. (Enhanced A.L) The Long Island Living Center, INDEPENDENT-LIVING: Flushing House, Queens, Bronxwood for the Aged, Bronx,

NURSING-HOMES: Jewish Home Life Care, NYC, Haym Solomon Home for the Aged, Brooklyn, Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehab Center, Commack, Sephardic Nursing & Rehab Center, Brooklyn, Hebrew Home At Riverdale, Bronx.

· Hospice: Calvary, Agencies for Aides: Pella Care & Emanual

· Funeral Arrangements-Pre-Needs Plaza, Riverside, etc.

· Financial Planner & Cognitive Therapist


ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE SEMINAR, THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017, 1:30-4:00 P.M. Studio 353, 353 West 48th Street, NYC, Complimentary Kosher Refreshments

hands and head

Medical Doctors are human and imperfect. Patients are human and imperfect. Patients cannot be cured by all medications. Some patients are allergic to the medications that cure their conditions, but cause other conditions. Some medical conditions are not amenable for cures by recognized medications. There are alternative medications and alternative disciplines. Bring your physical problems to this seminar to learn what these alternative disciplines and their practitioners can do to help you.

Practitioners of these Disciplines will participate:





*Space Limited, Call: (212) 869-9477 to reserve a seat

PRE-PASSOVER Celebration, April 6, 2017, At ABIGAEL’S RESTAURANT, 1407 BROADWAY, 12-3:00 P.M., Sit-Down Model Passover(Complimentary Wine), Menu: Mixed Field Green Salad, Chicken Soup, Skillet Roasted Chicken, Fresh Fruit, Soda & tea, Couvert $ 40



Special Haggadah’s

Passover Service conducted by: Rabbi Meyer Leifer Lori Leifer ………………Playing Piano-Keyboard & singing

Candle-Lighting Service by Survivors of the Six Million

Bernard Gordon……………”The Meaning of PASSOVER”

POST-PURIM – GALA, Thursday, March 16, 2017, 1:30-4:00 p.m. Studio 353 353 West 48th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues-2nd Fl. NYC (Complimentary Kosher Refreshments, ‘Hamantashan’ & Bagels, Coffee & Tea



PURIM, a very exciting holiday, celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from an annihilation plot, instigated by the evil Haman, a descendent of the Jew-hating tribe of Amelek. Haman was an advisor to the Persian King. Had it not been for the last minute intervention of Achashverosh’s Jewish Queen, Esther, Haman’s plot would have wiped out the entire Jewish population of Persia in one day!


BERNARD GORDON, Educator, & Teaching-Fellow
LORI LEIFER-Entertainer
Devorah Peck & Yani Leitner –Entertainer

‘TU B’SHEVAT’ (Observed Sat/ 2/11/17) –THE NEW YEAR FOR TREES)-THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2017, 1:30-4:00 P.M. at STUDIO 343; 343 west 48th Street (Between 8th & 9th Avenues) 2nd Floor-Complementary Refreshments, Please call to reserve seats (212) 869-9477, Bagels Danishes, Coffee & Tea.



F E A T U R I N G:

RABBI MEYER LEIFER, Emeritus Rabbi, Emunath Israel, Pelham Pk’wy Syn‘ ‘The Importance of TU B’SHEVAT’

RABBI PAUL LEVENSON…..Emeritus Rabbi, Kansas City, Northeastern ‘The Trees of Israel’ (In song & story) LORI LEIFER……………………. Singing & Playing Piano for Tu B’SHEVAT

BERNARD GORDON………..’The Historical Significance of Tu B’Shevat’

Dr. Debbie Joffee Ellis…….Psychologist, Cognitive Therapy “R.E.B.T.

ISRAEL AMERICA FOUNDATION ESTATE & FINANCIAL PROGRAM, THURSDAY, January 12, 2017, 1:30-4:00 p.m. at Studio 353, 353 W. 48th St. (between 8th & 9th Ave) 2nd Floor, NYC. Complimentary bagels & Danish. Reservations a must! Please call (212) 869-9477



We get older. There is a way to look at our lives at an older Age so that we get all the important thing done, and leave our Estates in good order for those who come after. Please cometo hear the important information of the professionals.

FEATURING: Lawyers, Financial Planners,Insurance Agents,Employment Agencies for Aides, Jewelry Appraisers, Hearing Loss Experts,Pre-Needs Funeral Directors, etc.

The IAF Chanukah Celebration: The Story of Chanukah, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15TH; 1:30-4:00 AT Studio 353, 353 West 48th Street (Between 8th and 9th Avenues) 2nd Floor. Button on Outer door.


Complimentary Refreshments Latkes & Applesauce, Coffee and Tea.


Rabbi Meyer Leifer: Emeritus Rabbi, Emunath -Israel & Pelham Pkwy, Synagogues, Chaplain, Morningside N.H. Bx. NY

Rabbi Paul Levenson, Emeritus Rabbi, Temple Chayai Shalom, Easton Massachusetts, Treasurer, L’CHAIM Fund.

Bernard Gordon, ‘Secular understanding of Chanukah,” Educator, Director of Mittelshul, N,Y.Teaching-Fellow at Holocaust Museum, Washington, D.C.

Lori Leifer, Playing Piano and Singing

Dvora Peck & Yani Leitner, Piano & Singing

To Attend:  PLEASE CALL # (212) 869-9477, and tell us you wish to attend our IAF Hannukah Celebration



Monday, October 17th at 10:30 A.M.

At MANHATTAN MINI STORAGE 645 West 44th Street, 12th Avenue, NYC

Watches, Costume- Jewelry, bed- sheets, table-cloths, Dishes, Paintings, (Needle –Point) lamps, sewing- machine, Furniture, clothing, Pocket- books, Shoes,





NEW & used

Watches, Costume- Jewelry, bed- sheets, table-cloths, Dishes, Paintings, (Needle –Point) lamps, sewing- machine, Furniture, clothing, Pocket- books, and shoes.

New and Used

PLEASE CALL # (212) 869-9477, and tell us

that you will be at the Manhattan Mini Storage:


 645 West 44th Street, 12th Avenue, NYC

Monday, October 17th at 10:30 A.M.

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