What Makes IAF Different Than All Other Charities?

Why IAF?

Jewish AMERICAN Charities and for that matter most charities want the contributor to beqeathe for General purposes to an Organization for their acknowledged good works. However, general purposes can mean the paint on the wall or the salaries of the staff Members or some other necessary expense that really doesn’t apply to the rubric ‘charitable purposes,’

A religious Jewish person leaving to a Charity in their Will, especially, an Israeli Charity wants their funds to go for specific good purposes in their honor and in memory of their forebears; or those Family Members that came before them such as parents & grandparents. They would also want to know what the funds are going for, so that they can feel that their lives have meaning and that the funds will do good work, even after they are no longer in this world and can no longer impact this world personally, perhaps the money that continues can do good in their name and then their memory would be of a blessing.


So, when I founded the Israel America Foundation in 1996,  I wanted the donor to have complete transparency and control in how their donations were being used.  Therefore, when you donate to the Israel America Foundation, you have the complete freedom to choose the Project in your Will that most interests you, and then go to Israel to  further see and get acquainted with the men, and women who will use the funds in Israel to benefit mankind.

pointWe Are Committed To Your Personal Goals

* ‘Israel America Foundation’ raises funds almost exclusively By ‘Bequests in Wills’ and Charitable Remainder Trusts Or planned –giving.

* I.A.F. has pioneered the use of “Disability-Trusts” instead of “Power-of Attorney so that Guardians do not have to be appointed when and if the senior is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewi-body Dementia, stroke, or other disabling neurological conditions brought on by aging. And they will be able to add to the document, other than appointing a Trustee, that they wish to live in their own home, and be in home hospice as long as they can.

pointWe Are Comitted To Keeping Seniors  At The Forefront of knowledge And Expertise

* The IAF conducts free-to-the-public Seminars & Workshops and/ or Lectures, monthly, with refreshments, by reservation only. Our audiences are mostly made up Seniors.  Topics include:

1. Israel

2. Health & Alternative Medicine Disciplines and Representatives

3. Financial & legal Instruments & Lawyers and Financial Advisers

4. Health Insurance & Life Insurance Instruments & Advocates

5. Independent, Assisted –Living & Nursing -Home OPTIONS

6. Agencies, Employing Home Health Care Aides

7. Sub-Acute Units of Nursing –Home used for the Rehabilitation of Seniors Just released from hospitals & not well enough to go home.

8. Hospice- Care (Funded by Medicare)for those whose Doctor Gives them 6 months to live).

9. The pre-need purchase or Cemetery plots, caskets, etc. Representatives of Cemeteries & Funeral establishments.

10. Jewish Holidays, their meanings and how to celebrate them.

pointWe Are Committed to protecting your assets

* The I.A.F. gives private, complementary consultations to seniors to explain the way the ‘Disability –Trust’ works. And how you can choose your Trustees.

pointWe Are Committed To The Future Of Israel

* The I.A.F. raises funds for Israel for grants and scholarships for students getting their B.A. & M.A. in Education at ORANIM(in Tivon, Israel near Haifa)on the basis of need and merit., and for H.S. Students wanting to become teachers, coaching failing H.S. Students in High Schools of Haifa. The Grants are in Honor of the Testator, and in Memory of his/her Parents.

*The IAF  Raises funds for grants and :Scholarships on the basis of need and merit for the AMAL Technical High-Schools and Colleges in Israel.-IN HONOR OF AND IN MEMORY OF

* Raises funds for Medical Studies in Ben Gurion University of the Negev Center for the Aging, along with Soroka Hospital, a Clalit Health Services Hospital. IN HONOR OF AND IN MEMORY OF

* Raises funds for 10 Retirement Homes of the HISTADRUT through MISHAN, all over ISRAEL.Raises funds for Orphans and Children in need in 3 ORPHAN VILLAGES of MISHAN:IN HONOR OF & IN MEMORY OF

* The IAF raises funds for Kibbutz Ginossar(in Tiberius) Where it also plants trees in the Palmach Grove (an 1948 Battle-field) adjacent to Lake Kinneret) -The Trees are planted in Memory of & in Honor of- for $50. This Kibbutz boasts the largest hotel of the Kibbutz Movement , (It has the Yigal Allon Museum, and the ‘Jesus Boat.

* The IAF raises funds for Beit Lohamei Haghetaot(The Warsaw Ghetto Kibbutz and Museum) and The Museum of the Child(Yad Yaeled). The remnant of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland rebuilt their life in a Kibbutz (near Haifa). They have archives and collections.

Below is an example of direct contributions in action




I first met Ilsa Wagner 11 years before she died.  She had been interested in the Labor Party in Israel and was a friend of one of the Members of our Board of Directors.

She was on our mailing list, but had not been active in our Organization or known to me until one day she answered one of my Letters. Yes, she wanted to stay in her own home, and she wanted to hear what it was all about?

We made appointment tor her to come in and I spoke to her.  She wanted the ‘Disability-Trust which is an ‘Inter-Vivos’ Trust or”Living–Trust’ and she wanted me to be the Trustee.  A Trustee is to a trust as an Executor is to a Will.  I said that I would do this for her.  She gave me a contribution of Five Thousand ($5,000) Dollars.  And then over the next 10 years, we got still closer, and she made me her ‘Health Care Proxy’ when she took her brother off as Proxy.  She said that she couldn’t trust him to follow her wishes.  That is how I came to find out that she was dying at the same time she learned about it.  She requested Calvary Hospice to come in and within 4 days she was dead.  She left bequests of $50,000 each to all the nine Charitable Organizations that we support in Israel plus our Organization  ($500,000) +  Lowenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, (The only Hospital in Israel exclusively for those who serve in the Israeli Army.

For more information, Contact Elaine Levitt directly at: 212) 869-9477; Fax #212-869-9536  or by email at iafound@msn.com.

Thank you for your support!