Charitable Trusts, Estate Planning, and Last Will and Testament

Charitable Annuity Trust


” Establish an income for Yourself And Your Beneficiary”

For a contribution of $2,500 and denominations of multiples of this sum, an individual trust can be set up by the Israel America Foundation to give you fixed, high-secure annual income on the basis of age that can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually throughout the lifetime of the donor and/or the survivor beneficiary.

If you contribute appreciated security or stock, you can assign the stock to the “Israel America Foundation” and we will sell it in our name, and you will avoid the Capital Gains Tax.Then we will establish a charitable annuity trust in your name.

Right after the maturity of the Trust, the principal amount ot the annuity will be given to the IAF to support grants for 8 Israeli Charities.

Please Note:

  • The Internal Revenue Service Sets The Discount Rate
  • Charity selects payout on the basis of age.

20 Year All-Occasion Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust


“Give Your Children Or Grandchildren A Gift They Will Treasure For Years”

Celebrate a Holiday, Birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust!For a contribution of only $2000, your children or grandchildren can receive an annual income of $150.00 for 20 years.

After you establish an annuity, a reminder letter including a check for $150.00 will arrive in the recipient’s mailbox; both announcing the gift and informing them that the annuity is given in your name.

Please Note:

  • You will receive a one-time charitable tax deduction which will be approximately 15% of the principal amount.

Disability Trust


  • In the event that you become disabled, The Israel America Foundation can establish a trust that will appoint trustees to help take care of you and manage your estate and you will always stay in your own home with day/night care.

Lead Trust


Donate Income From Your Estate To a charitable organization or a relative in your lifetime, and the principal amount will go back int your estate tax-free.”

If you have a large estate and wish to donate income monthly or quarterly from your assets, let the Israel America Foundation assist you. Your heir can receive the principal tax free.

Estate Planning, Charitable Bequests, In Last Will And Testament


“Come into our offices for a free no-strings-attached consultation”

  • The Israel America Foundation is expert in helping you draft Last Will And Testaments for the purpose of charitable giving before sending you to an estate attorney to draw your will at no cost to you.

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The Israel America Foundation Inc is an American 501(c) 3 Not for Profit Corporation, founded in October 1995.