Chanukah- Annuity


Establish a GIFT for: Child, Grandchild, Niece, Nephew at Chanukah or Birthday… $2,000 contribution to I.A.F. for Holiday or Special Occasion. Trust provides an annual income of $150 a year for 20 years! For a total of $3,000 For more information, call Elaine Levitt (-212  869-9477)-Israel America Foundation, 108 West 39th Street, Suite 1001 ,NYC 10018

* Note: You can contribute to a Chanukah Gift for yourself .for $50,000, and receive 71/2% for 20 years. The funds are out of you estate and you will receive $350 (as a Chanukah j Gift) a year for 20 years or $70,000!)


Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Chanukah,

20-Year All-Occasion Trusts available

Sponsored by Israel America Foundation,

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